We help people manage their vehicles through Embedded AI and IOT

Monit is Pakistan’s first Vehicular Internet of Things (IoT) and Embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) manufacturer, developing cutting-edge solutions for commercials fleets. 

We developed Pakistan's first Embedded Artificial Intelligence road safety solution with end-to-end indigenous hardware and software.

Our first MVP was deployed for Shell Pakistan.

Locally sourced hardware and software

Zero imports, stable prices, no lead times for spare part imports

Fully customised solutions

Client-first approach to IOT deployment gives you full control on your fleet management workflows

Integrated GPS trackers

Track everything from anywhere, anytime

Complete one-window solution

Get everything under one roof, no dependency on external vendors

Ongoing RnD

State of the art facilities ensure constant updates and new features

People we work with

Burhan Akhlaque

Head of HSE at Shakoor & Co Ltd
UEP British petroleum Haulier

We really appreciate MONIT as a Pakistani Startup locally manufacturing and developing vehicular IOT and AI solution. We have deployed MONIT Devices in our 38 vehicles running in Shell and other OMCs fleet, getting promising and satisfactory results. We wish all the best to MONIT for its future.

Aamir Khan

Sanghi Transport
Shell Pakistan Haulier

We have been using Monit’s driver and vehicle monitoring solution in Shell Pakistan Fleet for 1.5 years now. I really appreciate the fact that a Pakistani start-up has developed such state-of-the-art solutions indigenously. We have also deployed Monit’s AI solution for Driver Fatigue Monitoring in our fleet whose results are truly promising.
I wish Monit all the best in providing more innovative solutions for optimization of operations of logistics companies.

How we help Shell keep their fleet safe and secure

Monit, together with Shell Pakistan, developed a state-of-the-art Embedded AI solution for road and driver safety called “Sentinel”.

Here's how you can do it too

With a full arsenal of hardware and software solutions, powered by Artificial Intelligence, you can have full control of your commercial fleet that actually contributes to your bottom line.