MONIT was conceived in January 2020 with a dream.

With a limited team, low funds, and resources, and with no indigenous IoT support system within the industry, the founders of the company had one single goal :

Create a space for Pakistan's first Vehicular IoT and AI manufacturers and solution providers with ZERO dependencies on imports.

So the founders and their team got to work.

After much hard work and tackling obstacles, Monit developed the country’s first AI-embedded road safety solution for commercial fleets for Shell Pakistan.

And from then on, Monit just kept on moving forward.

They expanded their research into driver fatigue tracking, GPS, geo-fencing, and a lot of other tricky stuff. Now, they are aggressively expanding into increasing their talent pool for R&D and operational capacity.

In-house capabilities

  • Custom hardware design
  • Comprehensive software development stack
  • Big data analytics
  • Cutting edge research on AI, machine vision, Embedded tech